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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How spyware and Adware (pop ups) can cause Pay per click Advertising/Ecommerce fraud.

How spyware and Adware (pop ups) can cause Pay per click Advertising/Ecommerce fraud.

Welcome to today's information on how the problems with Affiliates using Adware can cause retailers/merchants to lose advertising dollars.

As a past merchant offering my partners commissions for just bringing quality traffic (per per click) to my site and or products I have seen first hand how adware can cause fraud among retailers.

Affiliates who partner with retailers may not give there website url to retailers to review which in may return cause major damage to retailers brands and advertising dollars.

As we continue, retailers keep an eye on those partners that you are paying pay per click advertising to them as these partners may try to use adware to commit fraud.

One example I can give to retailers for now is that your partners may use redirect popups that will refresh every 10 seconds and will redirect directly to your website which could cost millions of untargeted traffic, and a loss of advertising dollars.

More related details on how adware and spyware can hurt retailers brands and internet appearance will be available in the future.