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Sunday, February 20, 2005

How spyware and Adware can Cut into Retailers advertising budget?

How Spyware and Adware can Effect Merchants and cut into there Ecommerce budget?

Spyware and Adware are becoming a threat to Retailers by cutting into the Retailers ecommerce budget.

Even though there is quite a bit of legal problems with this new technology alot of retailers are blind on how this is effecting there web presence.

So I will explain the details to my readers and will give you some examples.

One great site that goes into interesting details is

Ben is a active participant in this field and has done research and has been a spyware and adware adviser for several corporations.

I will give you one example of how adware can and may effect retailers using PPC methods.

One example is that if a online user is using a application that offers a service and uses popups and redirects as a advertising method, you may end up paying twice for one actual click.
Lets say if a online user was on the google search engine with a application installed and active and typed in a keyword.

if the User visited a site from google adwords (sponsored link) that link may not only charge the merchant a click but may also have a redirect link embedded into that listing since the advertising application is active on the users computer.

So basically that redirect link could lead to a seperate server and the merchant may be charged an extra click. So lets say if a Merchant bidded 5 cents a click, and sent 20 clicks. Instead of paying $1 you would pay $2 so you lose $1. Here's another example if you payed 5 cents per click and sent 1000 visitors to your site instead of paying the $50 the merchant would end up paying $100. which could of gotten you another 1000 clicks if that user didn't have that application installed.

If you would like more information and how this application gets installed on your users computers go visit

More related details on adware and spyware will be available from this blog in the future.

How Free shipping has helped retailers increase there ecommerce profits

While there has been some discussion and conversation among why consumers may still not be comfortable to participate in the ecommerce channel due to outragious shipping costs.

Some Retailers have found a way to bypass this frustration among consumers by offering free shipping and or special rebates, coupons for shopping at there online stores.

Here is just one example that has helped Frederick’s of Hollywood increase there ecommerce profit.

Free-shipping offer boosts e-mail response rate at Frederick’s of Hollywood

Offers for free shipping have produced some of the best e-mail response rates for apparel retailer Frederick’s of Hollywood, driving up open and click-through rates above average, the retailer said at this week’s eTail 2005 conference in Palm Desert, CA.

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